Summary of the book “Superhuman Brainpower”

Know your type of intelligence and increase your genius

Summary of the book “Superhuman Brainpower”:

Keys to discovering your hidden genius.
Summary of the book “Super Mental Ability” The book “Super Mental Ability” deals with the topic of human intelligence and how to exploit the six different abilities of the mind. The summary is divided into six sections, according to the six divisions of mental powers, which are verbal intelligence, visual intelligence, logical intelligence, creative intelligence, sensory and physical intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

The author begins with an introduction that indicates that the mental abilities of the majority are almost paralyzed, and reviews how geniuses exploited the impaired powers of the mind to achieve their creativity. He also points out that fully exploiting these powers helps improve personal life and achieve success.

The book then discusses verbal intelligence, and emphasizes its importance as a means of understanding and communicating with others. However, the author notes that many do not fully use this ability.

The author also talks about visual intelligence, which considers the power of observation and the accuracy of discrimination. He points out its importance in analyzing situations and making decisions successfully, and how it can be used in various areas of life.

After that, it deals with logical intelligence, which is considered the most widely used in daily life. The author reflects on the importance of making better use of this ability to improve problem solving and achieve success.

The next chapter focuses on creative intelligence, and how traditional thinking can be overcome to achieve creativity and innovation. The author points out the importance of eliminating routine and fear of failure to stimulate creativity.

Chapter 5 deals with sensory and physical intelligence, offering a different perspective on the importance of the body and how it can be an intelligence that harmonizes with other mental abilities.

Verbal intelligence:

It is concerned with understanding and using language effectively, as it plays a vital role in communicating with others. It can contribute to building positive impressions and a deeper understanding of emotions and thoughts.

Visual intelligence:

It is based on the ability to closely observe and visual analysis. It is used to understand the surrounding environment and make sound decisions based on visual information.

Logical intelligence:

It includes the ability to think logically and make informed decisions. It plays an essential role in people’s daily lives, being used to solve problems and make everyday decisions.

Creative intelligence:

Promotes innovation and creative thinking. It encourages getting rid of routine and going beyond traditional thinking to achieve creativity in various fields.

Sensory and physical intelligence:

It includes contact with the environment through the senses and physical interaction. Promotes a deep understanding of the body and its role in integrating mental abilities.

emotional smartness:

It is based on understanding and managing the personal emotions and interactions of others. It plays an important role in building strong relationships and achieving emotional balance.

In general, the book provides practical training plans that enable the reader to enhance his mental abilities within 21 days, and provides examples and practical experiences that enhance the reader’s understanding of the topics discussed.

In general, the book provides a deeper understanding of each part of these mental powers and provides exercises and exercises that help in their integrated development. It focuses on reviewing the success stories of people who have developed these abilities and achieved remarkable successes in their personal and professional lives.

Finally, the book reviews emotional intelligence and how it affects interpersonal relationships and personal success. The author stresses the importance of understanding and exploiting emotions positively to improve personal and professional lives.

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